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Welcome to Christopher Chiropractic!

A Balanced body can heal itself.

The body is a self-healing organism, provided that there is a balance between nerve energy flowing to the organs and tissue cells. Chiropractors adjust your spine, allowing the body’s energy to flow efficiently and heal itself. In the last century, chiropractic care has become the world’s largest drug-free health care profession.

Dr. Paul Christopher practices a technique known as Torque Release Technique in order to adjust your spine.

Why Torque Release Technique? Rather than moving bones with significant amounts of force, Dr. Christopher makes the required adjustments through gentle hand touch and/or the light thrust of a hand-held torque instrument. This process teaches and empowers the body to make its own corrections with ongoing care.

With the advanced care of the torque release technique, corrections don’t stop when the adjustment is made, instead they continue as the body moves and breathes. Ongoing care builds cumulative momentum and this facilitates continued correction and healing.

Welcome to Christopher Chiropractic.

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